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Nowruz, an ancient celebration in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbayjan, Iraq …

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Nowruz is an international celebration which is held in Iran, Azerbayjam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikestan, Turkmanistan … Nowruz is the first day of spring season the (20th of Mars). As the nature gets alive in spring, people celebrate this elegant event and congratulate to each other. They go to see friends and relatives. In Iran Noruz is the longest holiday and lasts for two weeks. Many people go travels. At the end in a special day called Sizdabedar all go to the green nature as an ancient tradition.


Who should decide for Afghanistan?

March 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Today many countries are involved in Afghanistan. It means the condition is very complicated. In one side neighbors like Pakistan and Iran have direct interests, in the other side western power which with the pretex of international terrorism have occupied it, seek their own benefits in Afghanistan. Taliban having a people base seeks its benefits. In the end stands the majority of Afghan people which should really stand at the center. Its the people and the real goverment that should dicide for Afghanistan.

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan join hands with America to prevent Taliban

October 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Could Pakistan fall to a Taliban-al-Qaida coup? Is India looking at the possibility of a Talibanized neighbour to its west, one with access to nuclear weapons? If Pakistan’s senior minister for information Sherry Rahman is to be believed, Pakistan is in the midst of a serious internal security threat from a collection of Taliban, al-Qaida and J&K terrorist elements who want to take over the country, according to a news report in Times of India dated 15.9.2008.   Indian security sources said they have been receiving reports of a steady infiltration of Taliban and al-Qaida elements in Pakistan’s biggest cities of Lahore and Karachi recently. In fact, in a recent incident which rang alarm bells, there were a number of Taliban posters in Karachi and Taliban spokespersons were quoted promising a better government in Sindh. Read more »

More Suicide-Bomb Deaths In Pakistan Than In Iraq Or Afghanistan This Year

October 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Suicide Attacks A Growing Threat In Pakistan
— Christian Science Monitor

Pakistan has overtaken Iraq and Afghanistan in suicide-bomb deaths this year, its intelligence agency reports. Thursday’s attack in Islamabad struck the police’s antiterrorism squad. Islamabad, Pakistan – A suicide bomber struck the headquarters of the Anti-terrorism Squad of the Islamabad police force Thursday afternoon, just as lawmakers were preparing to convene 15 miles away to discuss growing militancy in the country. Read more…

Pakistan Orders 60,000 Afghans To Leave Border Tribal Zone

October 7, 2008 Leave a comment

KHAR, Pakistan (AFP)–Pakistan has ordered around 60,000 Afghan refugees to leave a troubled border tribal area where security forces are battling al-Qaida and Taliban militants, officials said Tuesday.

The deportation order for the displaced Afghans in the lawless northwestern region of Bajaur came after a deadline set for them to go back to their homeland expired Sunday, security officials said.

Middle East flags and presidents pictures

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Asia to become economic powerhouse by next decade

September 30, 2008 2 comments

Islamabad: Pakistan Economy Watch has said that only regional cooperation can provide relief to 50 crore poor living in South Asia. Political differences, if set aside, will spur new era of growth and Pakistan will reap dividends as Asia will be world’s centre of economic activity by next decade.

Pakistan will be world’s leader in textile and banking

Pakistan needs to avail this chance and initiate preparation as we have missed many opportunities in past, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch said. “No doubt that Pakistan will be world’s leader in textiles and banking,” he added. He said 500 million people are living below poverty line in South Asia and their plight will only end if region can grow at a rate of eight per cent which is only possible in presence of enhanced regional trade. Read more…