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Why Westerm powers prevent Democracy in Arab world

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

It may seem inacceptable for many people, but this a reality that western powers firmly block the way of democracy in Arab nations like Jordan, Saudi arabia, Kwait, Egypt, Bahrain … In fact western powers support the absolute Arab dictators to suppress democratic movements.
Why the west never supports democracy in Arab nations? Because they think democracy is against their economical and political interests. But dictator rulers can satisfy western interest. But in the long term they are wrong…


Property Investment Opportunities in the Middle East

October 9, 2008 Leave a comment

A recent survey conducted this past September (2008) showed that property investment opportunities in the Middle East are expected to outnumber and outperform all other property markets for the next 2 to 3 years. According to the Jones, Lang, and LaSalle survey, the market will remain bullish on Middle Eastern property investments with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates being the top performers.

Interestingly enough, there is not a consensus of opinion and some market analysts do not share the survey firm’s enthusiasm Read more…

Islam and Democracy

October 4, 2008 Leave a comment

In the article “Islam and Democracy,” by John Esposito and John O. Voll discuss the complexity of democracy in the contemporary world. In particular, there focus is on the involvement of the multiple groups in the twentieth century political seen. They argue that many of these groups “identify themselves explicitly as Islamic” as a way to enter the political scene. Once in, they take a democratic form, however, they aroused considerable controversy. Esposito and Voll argue that Read more…

Middle East flags and presidents pictures

September 30, 2008 Leave a comment

Asia to become economic powerhouse by next decade

September 30, 2008 2 comments

Islamabad: Pakistan Economy Watch has said that only regional cooperation can provide relief to 50 crore poor living in South Asia. Political differences, if set aside, will spur new era of growth and Pakistan will reap dividends as Asia will be world’s centre of economic activity by next decade.

Pakistan will be world’s leader in textile and banking

Pakistan needs to avail this chance and initiate preparation as we have missed many opportunities in past, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President, Pakistan Economy Watch said. “No doubt that Pakistan will be world’s leader in textiles and banking,” he added. He said 500 million people are living below poverty line in South Asia and their plight will only end if region can grow at a rate of eight per cent which is only possible in presence of enhanced regional trade. Read more…

Islamic beliefs honor Women

September 29, 2008 2 comments
Los Angeles District
Have you ever walked through a mall and seen a woman with a veil covering her hair? What crossed your mind? Did you think she was one of the many wives of a rich Saudi Arabian oil sheik? Did you feel sympathy for her because some man forced her to dress that way? Or did you shrug your shoulders and decide it was just one of life’s mysteries? The veiled women are Muslims who have adopted the Islamic dress code for modesty. Islam is one of the world’s largest monotheistic (belief in one God) religions. Almost one billion people in 40 countries are Muslims, with Arabs less than 20 percent of the total.
Contrary to popular belief, women and men are regarded as equal in Islam, but with different responsibilities. This difference, however, doesn’t mean women can’t undertake similar tasks or responsibilities. A woman is recognized as an independent individual entitled to work, own a business, obtain an education, and participate in government .In fact… Read more…

The Middle East’s Water Crisis: Will the Jordan River Run Dry?

September 24, 2008 1 comment

The River Jordan has flowed freely for thousands of years, its name immortalized in the Hebrew Bible and its lush upper reaches once known as the gates to the Garden of Eden. This summer, however, large sections of this storied river were reduced to a trickle, the water so low that grass fires spread freely across the Jordan Valley between Palestine and Jordan. Steadily drained over the past half century to quench the thirst and grow the crops of the people of Israel, Jordan, Syria, and the Palestinian territories, the Jordan River has been dealt a deathblow recently by a severe drought and by yet another tributary dam, this one on the Jordanian-Syrian border. Read more…